Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jazz - It's Not About the Area Code


We get another chance to support great Jazz music here in Cincinnati - Doc B is back. After a hiatus, Doc B Productions is presenting Jazz at Jaspers, located on Mt. Lookout Square, on Thursday evenings. The first show on November 6 featured the dynamic and inventive drummer Mark Lomax fronting a quartet. The music was first rate as only Doc B will present. For some reason I can't understand, local Jazz fans seem to think the quality of the music is tied into the musician's Zip Code.If the artist has a 212 code then the locals will show up. The local players have a hard time finding a venue or an audience when they do. Walt Broadnax supplies both.This Thursday Mike Wade performs.

Further info at: http://www.jazzincincy.com/ ©Melvin Grier